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Lightweight Championship plan ( Abdo, Ryan Lavery, Revenger )

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Week 1 :

Skirmish - Revenger comes out and says that Ryan Lavery should be stripped of the title because the match should never have been called after all. He says that he is glad that GM Regan resigned, and is happy than he can finally be Leader of DWP. He then continues to say that he was injured before match, and that Abdo had no reason to be there. He also says that as soon as he will be elected as the leader, He will fire Ryan and strip him of the title. Abdo's music turns on and he comes out to say that he had a big reason to be there, and that was to show Revenger's place. Abdo says that he will make sure that it would happen, and suggests Pitch Black.

Bloodbath - Revenger hears the news that Blackwing is chosen as the leader of DWP from Nikita Blunt. Revenger says that he is completely devastated and disgusted by the decision of the management and hopes that they will see the mistake they made soon. Revenger says that Blackwing is a complete coward, is heavily corrupted and can't even take care of his own problems. Revenger says that he is a complete opposite of that and is an excellent leader, and hopes that the board will change the decision immediately to his favors.

Ryan Lavery gets into the ring and says that he is happy that he fulfilled his goals, and that was getting revenge on Revenger. He then says that he has taken care of everything, and now as a champion has a responsibility to represent the company. Revenger comes out and demands his rematch as soon as he heals from his injuries. Ryan tells him to stop crying around, and be a man for once. They look at each others faces and Revenger says that Ryan should be happy that he is under a wing on Bloodbath, but as soon as he gets to Skirmish, he will be beaten till his last drop of blood week in and out. Revenger says that it's either me or him who will walk in the end, and tells him that now it's more personal than ever. Revenger calmly leaves the ring. While Ryan is looking concerned. Revenger vs. Mr. BK ######## Abdo vs. Giant

Week 2 :

Skirmish - Ryan Lavery comes and says that he was concerned about revenger's mentality, and not about his future last sunday. He then starts to talk about the title, and Revenger comes out. He welcomes him to Skirmish and says that it's good to have him here. As a result, he will have a match this evening, to celebrate it. Ryan asks who is his opponent, and revenger replies that Ryan should wish it's not he. Ryan Lavery vs. Kokina. As soon as the match ends, Revenger comes out and leaves Ryan unconscious by hitting him his finisher 3 times, and hitting him with the title.

Bloodbath - Revenger comments on what he did on skirmish. Abdo comes out and demands a match against Revenger. He says that he is glad about it. Revenger vs. Abdo, no edits.

Week 3 :

Skirmish - Ryan comes back and says that he is happy that Revenger wasn't chosen to be the leader of DWP, he says that he would not be able to live in environment like last week's every single day. Revenger comes out in tremendous boo's, and replies by saying that his worst nightmare will soon become reality. Revenger also says that he has arranged another fun match for Ryan. Ryan says that if Revenger attacks him once more after the match, He will make sure that all the left days in revenger's career would live in terror and fear. Revenger says that his opponent is once again, Kokina. Ryan Lavery says that he will not fight him again, because the odds are unfair. Revenger dares Ryan not to come at the match. Ryan Lavery vs. Kokina, Ryan never shows up.

Bloodbath - Revenger says that he has consulted the management, and Ryan's actions, as a champion, show terrible example to others. As a result, Ryan will have a match for the title against Abdo. Abdo comes out and says that he is glad about Revenger's decision. Ryan vs. Abdo later, with the match ending in draw, as revenger attacks both of them.


Updated the plan. Sorry I can't write the full one right now, because as I said in the s18 plan section, When I was thinking of a plan, I thought we will have the PPV this season.

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