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Lightweight Championship plan ( Abdo, Ryan Lavery, Revenger )

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Week 2 :

Skirmish - Ryan Lavery comes out and says that he is happy to enter the biggest PPV as a champion.Revenger comes and says that the title was made for him and arranges a match for Ryan, vs. Antonio Inoki. ( since the match will be a short one, ) Revenger attacks Ryan after the match.

Bloodbath - Revenger says that since Pitch Black is near, there has to be a Lightweight championship match. He says that he has arranged a no.1 contenders match between Himself and Abdo. The winner will go on and face Ryan for the title and the biggest ppv in DWP. Revenger vs Abdo (the match is not edited, but it's almost obvious that Revenger will win with the fact that he is 2-3 levels ahead of him.)

Week 3 :

Skirmish - Abdo comes out and says that what Revenger did to Ryan last week is unacceptable. He tells Revenger to be a man, and face him face-to-face. Revenger comes out and says that Ryan cannot stand up after what he did, and adds on that he is happy about it. Revenger says that he made a statement that he is no push-over and that the title will soon be his, no matter what. Revenger also adds on that since both Abdo and Ryan care about each other so much, they will have a non-title match at bloodbath. ( No matches )

Bloodbath - Ryan comes back and says that the assault was too much. He says that he is delighted that Revenger is the no.1 contender, so that he can kick his ass. Revenger comes and replies to it by saying that the only confident thing Ryan has about himself is a victory against an injured champion. Revenger says that he will not only make another statement at Pitch Black, but will also reclaim what is made for him, the Lightweight title. Revenger exits the ring, but stops on the ramp and says that he will be waiting for him at Skirmish. Revenger smiles, while Ryan stands in anger. Abdo vs. Ryan Lavery, ( winner Abdo, so that all of us are included in the title match ) Revenger vs. Dutch Butcher. ( no edits )

Week 4 :

Skirmish - Abdo comes and reminds that he defeated the champion by the rules, and should be granted the title match. Revenger comes out and agrees with it, for the simply fact that he would be able to shoot 2 rabbits at the same time, and get rid of the trash. Ryan comes and hypes up the match at Pitch Black. All three of them end up in brawl, which ends in revenger escaping from the ring, and ryan and abdo both look at each other while the fans cheer.
( If there are applications left for anyone, there will be matches )

Pitch Black - Revenger comes and replies that it doesn't matter who is the first one to stand up when the bell calls for the end. Revenger says that he doesn't care if he wins the title, because when the match is over, he has a new objective, and that is to take over DWP, and more importantly to eliminate Blackwing. ( If you guys want to make a RP, go ahead. It's the biggest ppv in DWP, so having a rp from both of you would be nice. Keep in mind that there is nothing you must say, so you are unlimited to what you want to write. If you both wish to, you can start something that would keep you both busy for the next season. I will be working with Blackwing for hopefully season's to come, so I won't be available to fight for the title. ) Revenger vs. Abdo vs. Ryan Lavery for the Lightweight Championship. ( You can both decide who is the winner, and rule me out. If you want my opinion I think Abdo should win the title, and ryan to cash in his rematch the next season, so that you both would have atleast something. )

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The reason why I wrote up this plan early, and it starts in the middle, is because I got mixed up by thinking that s17 is the time we have the PPV. So, I wrote the plan like this, only to realise that the PPV is next season. I still think this is a good idea, so I want to keep it.

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