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New Leader?

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1New Leader? Empty New Leader? on Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:50 pm



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New Leader? Card%20-%20revenger%20[1600x1200]


Revenger's music turns on and we can hear loud boo's in the arena. Revenger comes in out in casual street clothes, with his own designed black jacket. Revenger slowly walks towards the ring, and calmly enters the ring. As soon as he is given a microphone, we can see an angry reaction from Revenger.


Revenger : First of all, I would like to welcome every single one of you that came to my show. I am promising that you will not regret coming here.


Fans slightly boo.


Revenger : Now, I will get on the reason why I came here. It seems that there has been a little bit of talk during the season. While I don't mind that, my main problem is that it's all about Ryan Lavery.


Crowd cheers, and starts to chant 'You got knocked out"


Revenger : Yeah !! that's the thing I'm talking about.


Revenger gets quiet and puts the microphone closer to the crowd. The fan's continue chanting "You got knocked out".


Revenger : Everything everyone has been talking about is how I finally was defeated, and how 'powerful', and 'amazing' Ryan is.


Fans cheer loudly.


Revenger : Let me tell something that you don't know. Something that involves Ryan, and something that will hopefully give you a 'reality check'. Ryan Lavery got fired not because of me, But because he was, and still is, the biggest coward and jerk in the back.


Crowd boo's.


Revenger : Right after the well talked match, when I was literally beaten and injured, Ryan slowly walked towards the locker room, and slapped one of highschool friends who was in attendance. I sat there with a broken wrist and without half of my teeth, and when I was carried out of the ring half an hour later, I come to Blackwing's office and the first thing that I could see is Ryan telling Blackwing how an amazing performer he is, and that he would love to get a title shot.


Crowd has light, mixed reactions.


Revenger : I was completely disgusted by his behaviour, and I wasn't the only one. Soon after that moron finally walked out with the biggest smile on his face, he looked straight at my face and told me, quote, " Good luck in hospital, idiot ".


Crowd cheers and laughts.


Revenger : You know what, why won't you stop laughting, and finally have a human understanding. What he did was completely savage, and I, HAD TO, tell this to Blackwing.


Revenger smiles a little.


Revenger : And quite frankly, firing Ryan was the best, and the only good decision Blackwing has ever made in his life.


Crowd boo's.


Revenger : As I see you morons have no idea what this means for us, I will stop this discussion right now, and talk about what actions, WILL, be taken.


Revenger stops for a second.


Revenger : I am fully aware of the situations that have been going on for the last 2 weeks. GM Regan, has finally resigned as the Leader of DWP.


Crowd cheers loudly.


Revenger : And as I have the most back-up from the management, and I am the only one who can take the responsibilty and have the experience of undertaking such job, I would like to tell you all that I'm very fortunate to, soon, be elected as the new Leader of DWP.


Crowd boo's enourmously.


Revenger : GM Regan was one-of-a-kind bad Leader, sure, she could take her job, and made few good decisions, But GM Regan has called the match at the New Dawn, fully aware that I was not in a medically cleared state to defend my LW title. As a result, that match should have never been called.


Fans boo a little bit.


Revenger : So I think we all agree that Ryan Lavery should be stripped of the Lightweight Title, and I am granting him an one-on-one match whenever he feel like.


Crowd boo's.


Revenger : And.. This question has been going on for a while in my head - What in the hell did Abdo do there ??


Crowd cheers for Abdo.


Revenger : He has lost more matches than I can count, He was way out of our league, and.. It's just mystery to me.


Fans boo Revenger. As soon as he talks again, Abdo's music turns on and we hear loud boos in the arena. Fans jump out of their seat and hold Abdo signs high. Abdo runs out in joy with a microphone in his hand, and stops on the Ramp.


Abdo : I had no reason to be there ?


Abdo acts that he is thinking.


Abdo : I feel that the.. (cough) Knock out (cough) has destroyed your memory and enhanced the imagination.


Crowd Cheers.


Abdo : After all, weren't you the one who fired me with no reasons?

Revenger : After all, you had a clear idea what you had to do - I gave you stipulations,  you agreed..


Abdo : woah, woah. I NEVER agreed to them. You never even listened to what I had to say.

Revenger : DWP had to make budget cuts - You were the first one on the line because you have consistently loosing, barely showing on shows, and..


Abdo : You perfectly know, Rev, you fired me because I'm a threat to you.


Crowd Cheers.


Abdo : Since you were the leader, you tried to make sure I will never be on the highlights, that everyone would forget about me, because you are afraid of me.

Revenger : You know, if you really have a problem, why won't you just walk down this ramp and say these things to my face.


 Fans boo.

 Revenger : Or are you too afraid ?


Abdo : I didn't come here to fight. I came here to tell you to get ready..


Crowd cheers loudly.


Abdo : Because when the time is right, and the bell rings, there will be a black pitch in your head.


Abdo drops the microphone and leaves with fans cheering loudly. Revenger has a confused look on his face. Camera's fade black.


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