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1Unpredictable Empty Unpredictable on Thu Mar 01, 2012 7:33 pm


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Ryan Lavery's music turns on and the fans welcome him in loud cheers. Ryan comes out and holds the DWP Lightweight title high above him. Ryan runs through the ramp and quickly enters the ring. Ryan asks for a microphone.


Ryan Lavery : Hello everybody !!


fans loudly cheer.


Ryan Lavery : I don't want to drag on, so I'll get to the point straight away.


ryan stops for second.


Ryan Lavery : Apparently, there are some wrong rumours going around.. I would like to reply to them by saying that I was NOT afraid of Revenger's powers last week. I was concerned about his mentallity.


Fans cheer.


Ryan Lavery : Revenger seems to be always angry at me. I'm not going to lie, I'm afraid to step in the ring with him, he is unpredictable. Who knows, maybe he'll grab a knife and throw it at me. He's mentally hurt..


Revenger's music turns and he comes out it loud boo's. Revenger walks out and stops on the ramp, with the microphone in his hands.

Unpredictable Card%20-%20revenger%20[1600x1200]

Revenger : I would like to welcome you Ryan Lavery, to my show. This is Skirmish, we do it my way.


fans boo.


Revenger : I think that, we, all would love to see Ryan wrestle this evening.


Fans cheer.


Revenger : So as a result of Ryan's debut in Skirmish, He would have a match, to celebrate his return back to Skirmish.


Ryan Lavery : See, I told you guys. This guy is unpredictable, One day he wants to stab me, the next he welcomes me.


fans cheer loudier, while Revenger smiles.


Ryan Lavery : Would I be fortune enough to know who is my opponent, 'boss' ?


Revenger : Trust me, you should wish it's not me.


Fans boo, while Revenger drops the mic and walks out. Ryan stands in the ring confused. Camera's fade black.


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