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Contract signing for Furious Steele

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1Contract signing for Furious Steele Empty Contract signing for Furious Steele on Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:17 pm


(Scene opens at a DWP Press conference. The DWP logo is draped on the wall in the background. At the podium is one of the DWP attorneys. At the table to the left of him is a handful of DWP staff. At the table to the right of the podium is Agent/manger "All Natural" Tommy Bones and Furious Steele.  A crowd of reporters and cameramen fill the forefront.
Bones is wearing black slacks deep purple button down shirt that shows off his impressive build. He stands about six feet tall and has long flowing blond hair and a million dollar smile.
Furious Steele is sitting at the end of the table with his head down at the ground with his long black straggly hair covering his face except for his lips that have a stern scowl on them. . He is no more then six feet tall and around 240 pounds and appears to be in great physical shape but is not ripped with muscles.  Steele is wearing his normal outfit of a black t-shirt that says "I Hate you" in red on the front, blue jeans with several holes in them, black army boots.  his arms are covered with scars from past battles in the ring and his fists are taped up like a boxer. 
The DWP attorney at the podium motions for the crowd to quiet before he begins to speak.)
Attorney: I would like to thank everybody for coming out here today for this press conference. It is with great pleasure the DWP is prepared to offer Furious Steele a contract to become part of the great DWP roster.  Mr. Steele credentials speak for themselves. 11 time world champion spanning seven different federations and various other minor titles. We look forward to seeing Mr. Steele hard core style in a DWP ring soon. So with that I will give the floor to "All Natural" Tommy Bones for a few comments before we sign a contract.
(Tommy stands and swaggers over to the podium stopping to make sure his shirt looks good and his long blond hair is perfect. He has on his million dollar smile and takes time to pose for the cameras before speaking.)
Bones: First off, I would like to thank the DWP front office for this very generous contractual offer to join the great DWP family.  DWP and Furious Steele will make for a great team that will provide a product that will make their fans happy and bring in more fans.  More fans more cash.  I will take a few questions before we sign the dotted line.
reporter #1: I know a lot of federations were seeking the services of Furious Steele. What made you decide on the DWP?
Bones: I can't help but go to a place full of freaks.  (crowd chuckles at the horrible joke) but in seriousness. DWP is a great federation with some top of the line talent and the money was right.  it is a win win for all parties.
reporter #2: why you and Steele are working together?  The two of you have had a long standing feud and Steele has never been known to play well with others. 
Bones: (has an annoyed look on his face) This is a great day for all the parties. Why do you reporters always have to pee in the kool aid? Steele and I have had our differences but we are a united team today.  Our long standing feuds gave us a great respect for each other 
(Tommy looks around the crowd to see if anybody is buying the pile of garbage coming out of his mouth. )
Report #1: Do you plan on returning to the squared circle also?
Bones:  The DWP has a lot of money, but not THAT much money (slick smile) My focus right now is establishing Underground Promotions as the premier wrestling agency in the business.
Bones: Last question before we do the deal.

Reporter #2: Are we going to hear from Furious Steele today?
(Bones looks over at Furious Steele who has not moved an inch the entire time before looking back at the crowd)
Bones: Um, Steele has a sore throat today so isn't going to make any comments.  
(the DWP attorney brings a contract up to the podium and shakes Bones hand before handing it to him. Bones scans over the contract briefly before signing it. He then motions for Steele to come up to the podium but he continues to sit in his chair detached from what is going on.  Bones looks annoyed/nervous about the situation and cautiously approaches Steele and whispers something into his ear. Steele grinds his teeth together while listening and then takes the contract from Bones and signs it.  The DWP attorney approaches Steele to do the customary hand shake but the scene ends with Steele walking off the stage and disappearing behind a curtain leaving Bones and the attorney looking a little  uneasy about the entire situation. )
Bones: Furious Steele is not a big talker these days. He likes to do his talking in the ring....  Underground Promotions is now OPEN for business. ..... Start buying your stocks in DWP now because the ratings are about to go through the roof.
(Scene closes with Tommy Bones shaking hands with the DWP staff while the camera people get their fill of pictures. )

2Contract signing for Furious Steele Empty Re: Contract signing for Furious Steele on Sat Mar 17, 2012 2:09 pm


good RP ... wrong section(was posted in W2) .... moved
there are some formatting details to iron out but I will just send RP with the final formatting in a PM later


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